Mapped out: The many clothing-optional adventures of our 2018-2019 travels.

Map of our route to clothing optional places 2018
Our 2018 travel route.

Last fall we wrapped up a 16-month nomadic journey that took in several clothing-optional RV resorts and naturist places. We had many adventures along the way. Now that we’re in a new year, it’s a good time to recap where we’ve gone, considering we have no idea where we’re going.

Heading east in 2018.

At the end of May, 2018, we hitched our car to our motorhome, which we call The Toaster, and left our winter basecamp at Shangri La Ranch in Arizona. After many adventures, we arrived at Oaklake Trails Naturist Park in Oklahoma. Oaklake Trails, or OLT, is located right off the historic Route 66 about half way between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, an area of farms, rolling oak-covered hills, small towns and, well, that’s about it.

We had stayed there in 2017 and still had some time left on our membership, so we parked for a month under the tall oaks on this sprawling property. The buildings, the RV park, the pools, the clubhouse and the member-owned homes all cluster on a hilltop surrounded by acres and acres of woods. Those woods are laced with wide trails which — listen carefully — you can walk naked. That’s right, if you’re one of those free hiker types, OLT is for you. The trails go through oaks and past small lakes and you could spend hours wandering around down there. Especially if you get lost.

S by lake at Oaklake Trails Nudist Park
There are oaks and there are lakes.

You can also ride those trails in a golf cart, for endless fun. Especially if you get stuck. If you’re like most nomads, you probably didn’t bring a golf cart with you. So be friendly and try to get invited on one of the nighttime trail rides that the locals take. I wrote about our trail rides at OLT in a Nomadic Nudist column for the NUSA Sun. We had a fabulous time at the resort, and made lifelong friendships there. But our travel feet were getting itchy and on one of our last evenings, while playing shuffleboard, we made the decision to drive to Maine.

From Oklahoma we drove east and north, passing through several states and having many adventures, eventually arriving in the Green Mountain State, Vermont. The mountains were indeed green, and held secret places for skinny dipping. After much sleuthing on the Internet, I located one such swimming hole in Clarendon Gorge, just a few miles from where we parked near Rutland.

This beautiful rippling stream was right off the road, cloaked in trees with a bridged crossing that was part of the Appalachian Trail. Downstream from the bridge, the gorge narrowed and there were several lovely pools, just perfect for some bare buns splashing around.

Clarendon Gorge pools in Vermont
Clarendon Gorge pools.

The first time we checked it out, on the weekend, there were textile families everywhere. I went back mid-week, expecting few people. I took a quick hike along the Appalachian Trail, then returned to the stream for a refreshing skinny dip. But there were hostiles, er, I mean textiles glaring at me and I had to abandon my goal. I detailed my frustrations in a Nomadic Nudist column.

We left Vermont and spent the next month and a half roaming around Maine and down into Connecticut. We didn’t visit any clothing optional places, but we did have many adventures.

By now we could sense the coming autumn and suddenly felt the urge to flee south, along with 1 million Canadians. We drove from Connecticut to Virginia having, as they say in Mexico, “muchas aventuras.” Along the way we stopped for a night at Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

Sunny Rest is one of the oldest nudist resorts in the U.S., built on steep roads in the Pocono Mountains. Roads that weren’t built for big-ass motorhomes like The Toaster. After much adventure getting The Toaster into its spot for the night, a story I told in a Nomadic Nudists column, we walked downhill to the bar and had way too much fun with the locals.

J at Sunny Rest Nudist Resort
Pocono views from Sunny Rest.

The next day we woke up with ridiculous hangovers. We tried to shake them by walking around the grounds, marveling at the view of the mountains and enjoying how people had decorated their mobile homes and trailers for Halloween. We debated staying longer, but it was kind of costly — especially when you added in our bar tab — and the air was chilly, so we continued on to Virginia and our stay at White Tail Resort.

Like most U.S. nudist resorts, White Tail Resort is out in the boonies, if there is such a thing as “the boonies” on the heavily-populated east coast. But I really don’t know what the area was like because we only stayed a few days and I was so slammed with work I never left the resort. When I did break away from the computer, we walked around the grounds or lounged in the indoor pool. There was a nice little camping area, good RV sites, some permanent trailers and mobile homes, and horseflies the size of bats.

With such a short stay, we really didn’t socialize much but the place did seem really nice. However, we had many adventures ahead of us so we kept moving south until we arrived in Florida, our winter basecamp.

We arrived earlier than thought so we spent three weeks at Riverboat Club in Land O’ Lakes before moving to our reserved spot at Eden RV Resort in Hudson.

Google image of RV at Eden
The Toaster at Eden RV Resort, from space!

Riverboat was not what we expected, but it made for a nice spot to unwind from months on the road, and to reconnect with friends at Caliente Club and Paradise Lakes resorts. We also popped into Lake Como Resort for naked breakfast.

On November 1, we drove the 18 miles to Eden RV Resort, having many, many adventures along the way, and stopped our wheels for four months, which took us into …


clothing optional route 2019
Our return route.

Our stay at Eden RV Resort was filled with great experiences making new friends and exploring Florida’s Gulf coast. Eden will always hold a special place in our nudist hearts. But soon it was time to move on. Time for many more adventures (sorry, sorry, I promise I’ll stop saying that!)

Next stop was Sunnier Palms Nudist Park in Fort Pierce for two months. This small, quiet club is on Florida’s Atlantic coast and was perfectly located for us to explore the naturist beach at Blind Creek Beach. One Sunday morning we drove into Miami, which is like playing a game of Grand Theft Auto, to meet friends at Haulover Beach Park.

Nomadic Nudists at Haulover Beach
We made it to Haulover Beach!

Another time we drove to Orlando to take a cheap flight to Jamaica. To give you an idea of how cheap the flight was, the passengers had to take turns flying the plane. Once in Jamaica we headed to Negril and spent a few days at a textile resort, then popped over to Hedonism II so we could get some nude beach time.

Back in the U.S., the Florida spring was warming up and at the last minute we decided to head further south and spend May in the Florida Keys. There weren’t any official naturist beaches or resorts but we did find the Garden of Eden, Key West’s rooftop clothing-optional bar.

Garden of Eden bar in Key West
The Garden of Eden is on the roof.

With summer’s humidity and heat settling in like a soggy swimsuit, we fled the Keys northward all the way to Turtle Lake Resort in south central Michigan. Along the way, we definitely had an adventure when The Toaster broke down outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was our first breakdown in almost five years of owning our motorhome.

Turtle Lake Resort is spread out across an expansive, rolling meadow on the shore of Turtle Lake. The clubhouse is far from the pool, which is far from the office.  It’s a great place to walk, or rent one of their golf carts. We did both. We liked Turtle Lake and have to hand it to the DJs for playing some great dance tunes.

We spent two weeks exploring the grounds and surrounding small towns (Coldwater was our favorite). We even took our little boat out on Turtle Lake, though we couldn’t be nude.

Sunset on Turtle Lake Nudist Resort
Turtle Lake.

From Turtle Lake we drove to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, then beelined west and south through six states to Arizona. By October, we were back at Shangri La Ranch settling in for the winter and ending our longest nomadic journey to date.

What’s next?

With no big road trips planned, we’ll probably stick around the southwestern U.S. in 2020. But rest assured, the Nomadic Nudists will have many, many adventures. (Sorry! Sorry!).

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    • Nomadic Nudists

      Thanks for the info. Most of our U.S. travels to clothing optional places are in our motorhome so we tend to stay at places that can accommodate an RV. But we’ve been known to take trips without the RV.

  1. Mike and Mel

    We love keeping abreast of your travels. We hope to make an out west rv trip in spring/summer 2020 and maybe cross paths again! Keep up the good works and thanks for the laughs! Mike & Mel

    • Nomadic Nudists

      Hey Mike and Mel, thanks for the comment and glad you’re enjoying the posts. It was great hanging out with you guys at Eden and hope to see you out west sometime. Cheers!

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