Signs you’re in clothing optional territory.

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Clothing optional sign

As we’ve visited clothing optional beaches and nudist resorts, we’ve encountered many signs that remind us that we can get naked. And I’m not talking about seeing a bunch of people without clothes, although that’s definitely a “sign.”

I’m talking about those visual cues that are unique to a naturist location, words and symbols that either make you feel at home (“Clothing optional beyond this point”) or disappoint you (“No nudity beyond this point.”)

Here’s a selection of the many signs we’ve seen over the years as naked nomads.

The nudist resort entrance.

You’ve arrived, woo hoo! Suddenly the stress of the road disappears — and quite possibly your clothes — as you impatiently wait for the gate to open.
Beyond the gate is a world humming with activity as people nap in the sun, lounge in the pool, laugh with friends (new and old), slurp down cool beverages, and in general act like they don’t give a shit about what’s happening in the outside world.

Arizona’s Shangri La Ranch. Our home away from home for so many seasons.

Shangri La Clothing Optional resort entrance


Big property stretches beyond the gate at Idaho’s Sun Meadow Resort.

Sun Meadow naturist resort gate


Luxurious RV sites at Florida’s The Woods.

The Woods nudist RV entrance


You think you’re there passing the gate, but no, you still have a short drive through Cascade country before entering Oregon’s lovely and quaint Squaw Mountain Ranch.

Squaw Mountain Ranch nudist resort gate

Squaw Mtn Ranch entrance


This sign became familiar as we spent four months chilling under the oaks at Eden RV Resort in Florida.

Eden RV nudist resort entrance sign


Another desert oasis at California’s DeAnza Springs Resort.

Sign at Deanza Springs resort


We participated in the World Record Skinny Dip at South Carolina’s hilly Carolina Foothills Resort.

Carolina foothills entry sign


California’s Glen Eden Sun Club is where we figured out we needed to tow a vehicle along with our RV. I had to walk to the store to get beer, er, I mean provisions.

Glen Eden nudist resort sign


The sign at Native Woods in Darien, Georgia was semi-hidden and we zipped right by it.

Native Woods naturist park sign


Florida’s Riverboat Club is unique among clothing optional places.

Riverboat Naturist park sign


If you’re ever traveling through south central Kansas (and who doesn’t have that on their bucket list?), check out Sandy Land Club and their fascinating catalpa trees.

Sandy Lane Club Kansas sign

Warning: Nakedness ahead.

As you approach a clothing-optional beach or nudist resort, thoughtful signs alert you to what you may see. Just in case you didn’t get the memo.

There’s no doubt what you’re in for at Prairie Haven Nudist Park in Kansas.

Nudist resort sign warning may encounter nudity


In case you don’t understand the clothing optional sign, a sculpture underscores that fact at Arcadia Romantic Getaway in Washington.

Clothing optional sign Arcadia


You “may encounter nude sunbathers?” You better believe it! Haulover Beach, Florida.

Haulover Beach nudity ahead sign


Lots of things are prohibited at Collin’s Beach in Oregon, but gettin’ naked ain’t one of them.

Clothing optional Collins Beach sign


Judging by the vandalized sign as you leave Collin’s Beach, people aren’t happy to get dressed again.

Sauvie Island Collin's Beach sign

No map, no compass, I’m naked!

Thankfully, resorts help nudists find their way around.

The road signs at Oklahoma’s Oaklake Trails Naturist Park will help you find your way after too much fun in the sun.

Street sign Oaklake Trails


Oaklake Trails is known for, get this, oaks and trails. You won’t get lost with their great trail signage.

Trail signs at Oaklake Trails Naturist Park


Sun Meadow has some great trails and signs to help. It helps to find the office first.

Sun Meadow hiking trail sign


There’s great naked hiking trails ahead at DeAnza Springs, as you can tell by this rather 2-dimensional but enthusiastic hiker.

Naked hiker sign at Deanza Springs resort


Just in case you want to hop on over to another resort, Squaw Mountain Ranch provides some helpful directions.

Sign at Squaw Mountain Ranch

Fair warning, fellow nudists.

Thankfully we have signs to keep us in line, starting with being on your best behavior. 

We heard this famous sign at Club Orient was destroyed in a hurricane. (I always wondered if the people on the sign knew their photo was being taken.)

Club Orient naturist No photos sign


Love these signs that point out it’s not worth the risk of getting your obsolete mobile phone destroyed at Eden RV Resort. (Photo taken with permission. I swear.)

Eden RV nudist resort no photos sign


Apparently there have been some problems. Please, no hanky panky in the jungle at Sunnier Palms Naturist Park.

Trail warning sign Sunnier Palms

Clothing no longer optional
Until the nudeapocalypse, we’re going to have to get dressed at some point to interact with the rest of the world.

Oaklake Trails really doesn’t want you to wander into the waiting handcuffs of the local sheriff.

Clothing not optional sign Oaklake Trails


One way to go to jail is to walk out on to the highway naked. Sunnier Palms provides a helpful reminder as you leave the resort.

Got clothes? exit sign Sunnier Palms


The exit gate won’t open if you’re naked at Virginia’s White Tail Resort. Just kidding, it will but you’re on your own after that.

White Tail nudist resort gate


But I don’t wanna get dressed! At Shangri La Ranch.

No nudity sign at Shangri La Ranch

Safety first.
Actually most nudists’ mantra is “Get naked first, safety second,” but thankfully calmer heads have prevailed with these signs.

We panicked when we learned that Prairie Haven didn’t stock their storm shelter with wine and cookies.

Storm shelter sign at Prarie Haven


I realize I’m dressed in this pic, but trust me I’m naked under all those clothes. And thanks to Eden RV Resort, you’re forewarned about dips like me.

Dip sign at Eden RV resort


To be clear, Shangri La Ranch is not warning you about door-to-door salesmen with this sign.

Shangri La snake warning sign

Naturist life

Naturists just being naturists, and it’s reflected in their signs.

Now that’s an inspirational message!

Grin and bare it nudist rock


Fish naked but don’t hook the wrong worm!

Fish naked sign Oaklake Trails


Vegetables in the all together.

Naked gardening signs Sunnier Palms


And with that, it’s time to get naked!

Wine and naked sign

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  1. Kathy & Paul

    WOW, you really get around. Thanks for all the great signs. We have always found that if we a staying somewhere for a few days it’s easier to rent a car from Enterprise rather than towing one.

  2. FreebeacherDM

    Some crazy interesting signs. You always bring a laugh and a smile. Looks like you guys have been around too.

  3. Doug & Dina

    Great article and signs. Several are familiar to us and many we look forward to seeing in our future travels.

  4. Jan and Gary

    Hi guys
    WRT Pandemic
    Hope you are okay. We’re okay, here. Staying naked indoors for now. Missing our naked swim evenings.
    Stay safe, positive, smiling and stay naked.

    Naked hugs

    Jan&Gary 💋❤️😘

  5. SteveJ

    I recognized some of those signs. I could have used a “clothing required ahead” sign at Shangri La. I was hiking the dry creek bed and suddenly came out onto the road on the wrong side of the entrance gate. Fortunately, I easily found a way back in.

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